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For the most demanding directors who want to create images without compromises, I can work with professional housings, Hydroflex, Gates and Nauticam, dedicated to digital cinema cameras and which allow a wide choice of fixed lenses or zooms. For this type of production I am assisted by expert assistants and technicians and for the equipment I refer to the best service national. 
For digital productions with a smaller budget, I work with Panasonic 4K cameras and have a wide choice of lenses and accessories that allow me to always guarantee the creation of quality shots.

attrezzature per immersioni tecnica

I have a wide range of scuba diving equipment. Air cylinders of various sizes for more "surface" work and the rebreather for melted or prolonged dives with gas mixtures. Since 2008 I have been diving with these closed-circuit instruments, silent and without bubbles, which have now become indispensable for naturalistic productions in our sea.
For particular jobs I use an underwater scooter to cover long distances and increase safety. It is also an excellent accessory for making long and fluid camera movements.

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