My career began in 1977 with the first underwater licence and today I am  a TDI Mixed Gas diver. I usually dive with silent Megalodon CCR Rebreather  system which allow operative working capacity up to - 100 meters depth. These equipments don't loose any bubbles and allow me a closer approach to marine wildlife and a bigger stay under the water. I have a good knowledge of marine biology and the Mediterranean Sea where I have been able to film rare feeding underwater finback whales. During my career I have produced numerous documentaries and television services for Italian and foreign broadcasters, institutional films for environmental associations and research institutes. I have collaborated for the underwater sequences of the Italian Swimming Federation (FIN) official films on various styles of swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. I have worked as underwater cameraman in several films for television, cinema and commercials. Today, in addition to making the productions of the VaLe.Cinematografica78 as Dop,  I use to collaborate with international media and television broadcaster. I also have a Mediterranean and Oceans underwater and aerial video clips. The stock footage library is distributed around the world by Naturefootage .

Backstage produzione 2017