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For many years I have been working as cameraman and director of photography in various fields of audiovisual communication. Today I'm mainly involved with my company, Va.Le.Cinematografica78, but I also work as a freelance with Italian and foreign productions for the production of documentaries, reportage, news, educational, corporate and advertising videos. I have great experience in all shooting formats, from Canon 5D full HD  to RED 6K. My familiarity with different shooting systems makes me a valuable help especially in productions where different skills are required for a single operator. I can use slider, dolly and stabilized systems such as gimbal and flycam. I got the certificate to be able to shoot with drones and I am specialized in underwater shooting. I also have a complete knowledge of production and postproduction phases and can also work with editing systems such as Final Cut, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and the color correction program Da Vinci Resolve Studio. I'm based in Rome and I have a wide range of digital shooting equipment for both outdoor and underwater productions.

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